Transportable Optical Ground Station

DFM Engineering has experience designing mobile platforms for telescopes.  These versatile test platforms can be deployed where and when needed by a semi-truck / lorry to different locations to test in various environments, atmospheric turbulence levels, climate / weather conditions, and varying background light pollution levels.  

These platforms are often utilized for demonstration and validation of different technologies, including as a testbed for ground laser-based optical communication with satellites.   

By testing in various representative on-ground environments, a mobile platform allows for realistic operating conditions for hardware validation and iterative design that simply cannot be accomplished using fixed dedicated ground stations.

These stations can be deployed wherever needed  and can be powered by a mains attachment, generator, or a solar powered battery assembly.  These transportable platforms can also be shipping container based as well (as shown with our LEO Scope™ and LEO Comm™ products below) , allowing for discrete movement of telescope systems. 

For satellite tracking applications, DFM offers a patent pending solutions that make setup and reliability issues with Adaptive Optics, a Coudé path, or Nasmyth focus, a thing of the past.

Whatever your need, DFM Engineering has the experience necessary to integrate and turn your telescope into a mobile test bed.