Telescopes & Systems

Standard Cassegrain Telescopes
DFM Engineering Standard Cassegrain Telescopes perform astronomical work that used to demand telescopes of massive size and expense. 

Custom Telescopes
DFM Engineering can accommodate your specific requirements whether it is a custom size, specialized instrumentation or custom optical systems.

Prime Focus Telescope / Camera
Very fast, very wide-field, imaging systems.  This is the next generation of imaging telescopes for astronomy (asteroid detection) and satellite tracking.
Telescope Control Systems
The DFM Engineering TCSGalil™ provides a user-friendly interface to the telescope.  Utilizing a PC with a display, keyboard, and mouse, you have continual position display, status reporting, and an easy-to-use, menu-driven command set.

Telescope Optics
The optical system in every DFM telescope is custom-created to meet customer specifications. Even standard optics are held to rigorous DFM Engineering quality standards, as they are an extremely critical element of the DFM Telescope Optics system.

Telescope Mounts
Accurate tracking is difficult without a proper mount. Our equatorial fork mount delivers the stiffness necessary to provide ZERO BACKLASH performance that helps promote smooth tracking and excellent accuracy.