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Telescope Control System (TCSGalil™) Standard Features

Utilizing an IBM compatible computer with multiple displays and a keyboard, you have continual position display, status reporting, and an easy-to-use, menu-driven, command set.


Commands are divided into four submenus: initialization, movement, rates and miscellaneous.

All commands are available to your external computer, allowing you to create your own custom user interface where TCS becomes a peripheral to your computer system, allowing integration with your own observing program.

• Control electronics may be located up to 150 feet from the telescope telescope allowing flexibility in positioning the observatory control room.

• More than 28 commands provide complete control of the telescope, dome, etc.

• Includes a built-in library of objects

• Compatible with commercial autoguider systems

• Operates and displays in any epoch

• Hybrid digital/analog servo controllers with zero position error integrator

• 19 in. wide rack-mount houses control system computer and electronics

• Extensive system protection via computer-calculated limits and hard limits

• Hand paddle functions include: guide, set, slew, focus, dome right and dome left.




• TCSGalil™ uses a single DC servomotor per axis to simplify mechanical and electronic requirements while enhancing maintainability.

• CCT-16 system controls a focus stepper motor with potentiometer as the position sensor. CCT-20 and larger telescopes use an optical incremental encoder as the focus position sensors.

• Motor Driver Chassis (MDC) provides power supplies and surge protection components for interface with long cables to the telescope

• Mother board design minimizes discrete wire connections in MDC

• Low power usage minimizes uninterruptible power supply requirements

• Limit switches enhance system safety by preventing telescope over-travel

• Shielded cables with proper terminations maximize immunity to electronic noise

• Gold-plated electrical connectors provide long-trouble-free service

• Full wiring schematics provided for maintenance



Telescope Control Systems (TCSGalil™)

CCT-16 Computer Specifications

CCT-20-50 Computer Specifications