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Standard Lidar Scanners | Electro-Optical-Mechanical Systems™

DFM Engineering is a leading supplier of custom system components to the companies that are defining the parameters and creating new uses for LIDAR technology.

With experience in custom-designing and building high quality, research-grade telescopes since 1978, we deliver the proven components you need for a competitive edge.

Our elevation-over-azimuth scanner design gives you full sky coverage with PC computer control. We include full documentation and software source code written in high level language for easier customization and maintenance.

No matter which direction LIDAR development takes you, look to DFM Engineering for scanners and accessories, including Optics-In-A-Box™ beam expanders/compressors.

Applications include: pollution monitoring and enforcement, fugitive dust detection, clear air turbulence, and meteorological research


4 in. to 18 in. Standard Design Features:

• two flat mirrors in an elevation-over-azimuth mounting

• Incoming light is reflected 90 degrees from the elevation mirror to the azimuth mirror which then bends the light downward 90 degrees.

• design gives you 1/100 degree pointing resolution and enhanced position displays

• DFM Scanners and optics offer custom capabilities used for remote sensing.

Lidar Scanner Specifications

Custom Lidar Scanners

Lidar Optical Tube Assembly

Electro-Optical-Mechanical Systems™ (EOMS™)