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Smart Auto Guider™

Supports Direct Imaging and Spectroscophy

DFM Engineering has made many Guide-Acquire-Modules (GAMs) for Cassegrain telescopes. Usually these GAMs include a X-Y stage for off axis guiding. Recently, there has been a demand for a different GAM that incorporates off axis guiding from a remote location. DFM has defined this next generation GAM and has trademarked the name "Smart Auto Guider™" and "SAG™".

DFM Engineering, Inc. has delivered a version of the Smart Auto Guider™ which can simultaneously support direct imaging and support a Cassegrain Spectrograph. Because of typical space restrictions and instrument clearances, the spectrograph is mounted on the straight through position of the Smart Auto Guider™ and the direct CCD imaging camera is fed at a folded Cassegrain position. The folding mirror is mounted on a translating stage so it may be moved out of the light path for the spectrograph.

Automatic guiding is provided by an integrating CCD camera that automatically searches for a suitable guide star and then begins auto guiding. The guide CCD camera focus automatically follows the telescope focus.

The Smart Auto Guider™ supports a filter slide mechanism at the imaging port. Interchangeable filter slides are available that can support different sized filters including a 8-position slide for 50-mm diameter round filters, a 8-position slide for 2-inch diameter filters, a 8-position slide for 2-inch square filters, and a 6-position slide for 2.5-inch square filters. These slides may be easily manually interchanged.

The Smart Auto Guider™ also supports auto guiding off of the slit jaws of the spectrograph and provides a calibration lamp optical feed for the spectrograph.

Commands for the Smart Auto Guider™ are included in the DFM Engineering, Inc. EXternal COMputer (EXCOM) interface so the SAG™ may be commanded from the observatory control computer.





Guide Acquire Module

Filter Wheel



X-Y Guider

Slide Mirror™ (SM-125™)

Articulated Relay Eyepiece (ARE-125™)