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Retrofit Control Systems


Control System Upgrades:

DFM Engineering has retrofitted our computer control system over 27 astronomical telescopes from various manufacturers and 1 heliostat.

Typically upgrading to our control system vastly improves the efficiency of the telescope by improving the pointing and the tracking.

The typical control system retrofit includes the following:

• New secondary drive gearing with D.C. servo motors for both axes

• New position encoders and gearing for both axes

• New focus motor and controls to allow two speed focus operation and automatic control of focus motor

Control System Features:

The DFM telescope control system consists of a Pentium class PC computer, 2 displays, 2 keyboards, 2 hand paddles, motor controllers, and astronomical control software.

The control system is housed in a desk with a 19" wide rack on the right hand side. (Optionally a free standing rack can be supplied)

• Automatic dome azimuth control consisting of a position encoder and motor starter for an Ash-dome or similar

• Installation of the system, system check out, and operator training

• Full documentation






Telescope Control System



Retrofit Examples