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A classical photo multiplier tube (PMT) type single channel photometer can be provided with the following features:

Object Acquisition: Object acquisition is provided by the Guide-Acquire-Module (GAM).

Aperture Wheel: An aperture wheel is provided with remote control.

Filter Wheel: A filter wheel with interchangeable filter positions is provided. The filter wheel is remotely controlled.

Fabry Lens: A Fabry lens is provided to image the telescope primary mirror onto the photo cathode of the photo multiplier tube.

Photo Multiplier: Various photo multiplier tubes are available. A commercially available PMT housing is used.

Housing: The photometer is attached to the Guide-Acquire-Module by its front flange



Guide Acquire Module

Filter Wheel


Smart Auto Guider™ (SAG™)

X-Y Guider

Slide Mirror™ (SM-125™)

Electro-Optical-Mechanical Systems™ (EOMS™)

Articulated Relay Eyepiece™ (ARE-125™)