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Observatory Dome & Pier

DFM Engineering routinely works with our customers to define the pier and dome requirements to allow the installation and proper operation of the telescope.

Part of this work is included with the contract for the telescope. Additional work may be contracted on a consulting basis.

Dome Automation:

DFM Engineering has provided automatic control for azimuth and shutter control in many observatory domes. For example, we have provided a very accurate servo motor control of dome azimuth and elevation (of the shutter) to allow the telescope to look out through an optical window only slightly larger than the aperture of the telescope.

Pier Location:

Drawings are available for DFM telescopes at specific latitudes. These drawings show the pier offset, recommended observing floor heights, power requirements, etc. We also work in an advisory capacity with the institute's architects and engineers.

Observatory Design and Construction, by Dr. Melsheimer is an excellent guide strategically outlining the necessary criteria in planning and constructing an observatory designed to house a research-grade telescope.

Dr. Melsheimer's extensive experience offers a pristine perspective with practical applications coupled with modern technology solutions to current observatory design obstacles.

He intuitively provides handicapped accessible features to meet current standards.