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DFM Engineering installs a 32" Telescope
for the University of Victoria

Canada's Biggest On-campus Telescope
university of victoria

The 32" (0.8m) Cassegrain telescope installed on the roof of University of Victoria's new science building in Victoria, British Columbia, is the largest telescope located on a university campus in Canada.

The light gathering capability of th3 32" mirror size makes it the country's fifth largest overall.

The presence of both the Astronomy Group at University of Victoria and the NRC Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics gives Victoria one of the largest concentration of astronomers in Canada. This community offers a diversity of research opportunities unparalleled elsewhere in Canada.

university of victoriaDFM team members Justus and Jim spent a week driving the telescope out from the manufacturing headquarters in Colorado and dealt admirably with the complicated border crossing into Canada.

university of victoriaIn July of 2010, Dr. Russell Robb at the University of Victoria took delivery of the new DFM 32" telescope.

Ian Huss, DFM's Production Manager, met them on site for the installation. The crane work and installation proceeded so smoothly that Ian thought this was almost like a vacation.

The observatory, on the 5th floor of the new physics building addition, should provide easy access for the astronomers, students and the public.

university of victoriaThe university campus, new building and observatory are delightful. The attention to detail in the building preparations will be appreciated by future users for years to come.

The telescope will be used for teaching undergraduate students and for research.

The University of Victoria astronomers are world-renowned for their research involving the formation of galaxies, stellar structure and evolution, and theoretical and observational cosmology.

university of victoria

"We'll be using it to look for asteroids passing close to Earth and for planets crossing in front of stars," says Dr. Robb, senior lab instructor and senior scientific assistant in University of Victoria's Department of Physics and Astronomy. "We are looking forward to many long nights with our new DFM telescope!"

The telescope will also be available to the public on Wednesday nights.



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