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"DFM TCSGalil™ Installations"
The New National Norm

The acronym TCS stands for Telescope Control System.



The volume of telescope control system upgrades has continued to grow across the nation.

TCSGalil™ is a moniker for DFM's new TCS, which utilizes a Galil DMC (Digital Motion Controller) in the Motor Driver Chassis (MDC).

The DFM Engineering TCSGalil™ provides a user-friendly interface to the telescope and has become the control system of choice. It is evolving to accommodate the variety of legacy and future systems, as well as developments in third party software.

The TCSGalil™ was designed to provide a replacement for the legacy DFM TCS as well as a path to retrofit legacy DFM TCS systems. The driving force of the TCSGalil™ development is the transition to a TCS computer without bus level dependencies.

It has moved legacy telescopes gracefully into the modern day operation requiring highly technical research applications.

Over the last year, since our May 2017 report, 'TCSGalil™ Deployment Installations', telescope control systems upgrading to the DFM TCSGalil™ include:

  • Minnesota State University (MSU), Moorhead, MI:
      DFM 16” telescope (11/2017)
  • Michigan-Dartmouth-MIT (MDM) Observatory, Tuscon, AZ:
      DFM 93” telescope (10/2017)
  • Brigham Young University (BYU), Salt Lake City, UT:
      DFM 32” telescope (08/2017)
  • Monterey Institute for Research Astronomy (MIRA), Chews Ridge, CA:
      36” telescope (05/2018)
  • University of Alabama (UA), Tuscaloosa, AL:
      DFM 16” telescope (07/2018)
  • University of Michigan (UM), Dearborn, MI:
      DFM 16” telescope (07/2018)
  • Macalester College (Mac), St Paul, MN:
      DFM 16’telescope (07/2018)
  • Westmont College (WC), Santa Barbara, CA:
      DFM 24’telescope (09/2018)
  • Johns Hopkins University (JH), Baltimore, MD:
      DFM 20’telescope (10/2018)

Among numerous popular features, the TCSGalil™ is quite robust and acutely customizable.

All commands are available to your external computer, allowing you to create your own custom user interface where TCSGalil™ becomes a peripheral to your computer system, allowing integration with your own observing program.


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