Engineering Articles for the Optimal Telescope

By Dr. Frank Melsheimer, President, DFM Engineering, Inc.

Telescope Structure - Steel vs. Aluminum

A practical study of material performance, stiffness to weight ratio, structural elements, size considerations and cost observations with direct regard to the fabrication and manufacturing process.

Steel vs. Aluminum Article

Telescope Structure - Geometry

A functional evaluation of the stiffness effect of the shape or geometry of a part and its priority in telescope performance as it relates to material selection.

Geometry Article

Telescope Structure - Deflections

An expert critical analysis of the geometry (shape) of a part as it effects the deflection (stiffness) of the part and therefore, its direct impact on telescope performance.

Deflections Article

Telescope Structure - Pointing

A thorough study in telescope pointing accuracy; identifying calculations for coordinate corrections, telescope corrections, and atmospheric refraction corrections, among other factors necessary to obtain optimal telescope pointing accuracy. Examples of pointing errors are examined and answers to gaining precision pointing are revealed.

Pointing Article