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DFM Engineering, Inc. and The Chabot Space and Science Center work together on a 36-inch telescope

The 36-inch telescope was built by the Chabot staff with some engineering advice from engineers at DFM Engineering.

The telescope was completed in June of 2003 with the installation of the telescope control system.

The DFM Engineering and fabrication staff custom designed and fabricated the control system for the telescope including the control computer, the control software, the R.A. and Declination secondary drives, and the focus drive.

The hardware and software were shipped to Chabot and Dr. Frank Melsheimer went out to California to install the control system.

During the 1970's, Dr. Melsheimer spent some time working with the personnel at the downtown Chabot Observatory and Planetarium.


Recently, the Chabot facilities were moved from the downtown location up to Skyline Blvd. on the crest of the hills that run just east of Berkeley and Oakland and have been greatly expanded.

The new facilities are very nice.




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