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Sky & Telescope Honors DFM Engineering, Inc.
for the
ARE-125™ Articulated Relay Eyepiece™

"Hot New Product 2005" Award!

Sky & Telescope stated the near the top of the checklist of criteria that potentially makes a new product 'hot' is that the product "solves an old problem in a new way."

No better example of that exists among this year's picks than the ARE-125™ Articulated Relay Eyepiece from DFM Engineering.

The device was born out of a desire to let people with limited mobility explore the heavens through the eyepiece of DFM fork-mounted Cassegrain telescopes.

But you don't have to have a DFM telescope to enjoy the benefits of the ARE-125™, since it is designed to work with any f/8 or slower telescope fitted with a standard 2-inch focuser.

Using a series of mirrors and relay lenses mounted within an arm that pivots in three axes, the ARE-125™ "repositions"the focal plane from the back of the telescope to an eyepiece mounted at the end of the arm, where it is easily viewed by a seated individual.

According to DFM's founder and president, Dr. Frank Melsheimer, in addition to helping public observatories meet the Americans with Disabilities Act, the ARE-125™ has proven convenient in group sessions where seated observers simply pass the eyepiece around and share a view.

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requires access to public facilities for the handicapped. Up to now, getting a wheelchair bound person to the eyepiece of a telescope was very difficult and expensive.

DFM Engineering, Inc. announces the availability of an Articulated Relay Eyepiece™ (ARE-125™) that allows handicapped access to the eyepiece for most telescopes.


DFM Engineering, Inc. will be featuring the ARE-125™ at the upcoming 205th AAS Meeting held in San Diego, California from January 9th -13th, 2005.

Look for DFM Engineering at the show, or contact our sales department at:


ARE-125™ Articulated Relay Eyepiece™

Original Product Introduction was at the 2001 AAS Meeting