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Lidar Scanner Specifications


• Rugged, anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction

• Maintenance-free sealed bearings

• Sealed elevation storage window (not available on 4 in. scanner)

• DC servo motors drive the axes

• Accurate positioning by optical encoders

• Enclosed elevation axis drive


• IBM-compatible PC computer with custom DFM I/O card provides control interface to the scanner scanner

• Power supplies, control logic hardware and servo motor controllers are contained within the motor driver chassis

• Pulse rate generators produce motion commands to motors

• Up-down counters monitor axes position by counting pulses from incremental optical encoders

• A full electronic drawing package is included

• The PC monitor provides scanner information display - including large graphical displayed azimuth and elevation angles in degrees (DD.DD) for easy viewing at a distance

• 3-speed hand paddle for manual control



• Disk-based control system software written in high level language

• Easy maintenance and modifications

• Full software listings and documentation

• Nine commands provide complete control via serial or 8-bit parallel interface • 0 Immediate stop both motors

• 1 Initialize azimuth position display to specified value

• 2 Initialize elevation position display to specified value

• 3 Read current azimuth and elevation positions

• 4 Load raster scan data

• 5 Start raster scan

• 6 Load coordinate scan data

• 7 Start coordinate scan

• 8 Move to specified position


Performance Specifications