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Guide Acquire Module

• Provides instrument common functions of acquisition and guiding

• Integrated and standardized controls for all instruments

• Four position Multiport instrument selector diagonal mirro

• Full computer remote control from warm room

• Translating, rotating diagonal mirror

• Allows guiding from spectrograph slit jaws and decker?

• Projects comparison lamps into spectrograph at telescope F ratio?

X-Y stage with probe for guide-acquire camera or eyepiece?

• Position of probe displayed on telescope control system display?

• May be used with eyepiece, CCD camera, or autoguider?

• Direct imaging filter wheel for 2-inch square filters

• Illuminated reticle eyepiece

• Motors only powered when moving for minimum heat generation

• Control system can control up to 11 motors

• Controllers configured to operate GAM, spectrograph, or photometer

• RS 232 serial control from DFM telescope control system



Filter Wheel


Smart Auto Guider™ (SAG™)


X-Y Guider

Slide Mirror™ (SM-125™)

Articulated Relay Eyepiece™ (ARE-125™)

Telescope Control Systems (TCSGalil™)




• Allows multiple instruments to be mounted to the standard telescope

• Up to 5 instruments may be mounted: N, S, E, W, and straight through

• Supports photometers, spectrographs, and direct imaging cameras

• Mounts to standard instrument bolt patterns

• Provides standard bolt patterns for instruments