Gimbals:  Electro-Optical-Mechanical Systems™ (EOMS™)

A gimbal is a two or more axis mount.  The configuration may be altitude over azimuth (Alt-Az), altitude over altitude (Alt-Alt), equatorial, or a combination of the above.

The Optical Configurations Summary Table identifies the typical uses for each configuration.  Examining the three configurations leads to the conclusion that they are really the same.  Only the orientation of the gimbal referred to the fixed mounting surface (typically the earth's surface) is different.

DFM Engineering has built all of the axes configurations of gimbals.

All gimbals are not created equal.  If you're tracking at high speed, there is a major difference in the servo motors and controls and the reported responsivity of the mount. There’s no use in going fast if you can’t control the acceleration. See DFM's Space Situational Awareness page for more information on high-speed gimbals capable of satellite tracking.