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Filter Wheel

• 8 position filter wheel for 50mm diameter filters-adapters to allow use of 1.25 inch thread mount filters or other sizes

• Adapters allow mounting to any telescope, camera or instrument

• Computer controlled by DFM Engineering telescope control system, TCSGalil™ or by your instrument computer

• Precision positioning using an absolute encoder and a mechanical detent

• Controlled by an onboard microprocessor

• Hand paddle controller available

• D.C. motor used for low power consumption and low heat generation

• Operates from 12 volts D.C., 115 VAC, or 220 VAC

• Low profile - only one inch thick

• Low weight - only 4 lbs. not including filters


Guide Acquire Module


Smart Auto Guider™ (SAG™)


X-Y Guider

Slide Mirror™ (SM-125™)

Articulated Relay Eyepiece™ (ARE-125™)




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