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Equatorial Fork Mount

The DFM equatorial fork mount offers a number of advantages.

It's versatile: use it visually, with instruments or remotely.

It provides significantly more instrument clearance than is available with horseshoe telescope mounts.

And there are giant advantages over ALT/AZ and German equatorial mounts.

• Easier to guide because there is no field rotation as with ALT/AZ mount

• Tracks objects through the zenith where there are fewer atmospheric disturbances (ALT/AZ has a singularity at the zenith)

• Lower cost that ALT/AZ mounts

• Compact shape and very smooth drive make it user-friendly

• Space efficient - more versatile in the same space as ALT/AZ or German mounts

• Minimum Eye Piece sweep for more convenient viewing than with German equatorial mounts

• Less counterweight required than with German equatorial mounts

Telescope Mount Standard Features

Telescope Control Systems (TCSGalil™)

Optional Accessories / Instrumentation