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Customer Testimonials

Alfred University
Appalachian State University
Austin College
Brigham Young University
Chabot Center
Clay Center-Dexter School
College of Southern Idaho
Colorado University
Mr. David DeVorkin
Dickinson College
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Emory University
Emory University TCSGalil™
Florida Institute of Technology

Fresno State
Harvard University
India Institute of Astrophysics
Johns Hopkins University
LA Valley College
Lewis & Clark College
Liberty University
Memorial University - Grenfell
Middlebury College
Minnesota State University - Moorhead
NJ Institute of Technology
Phillips Academy Andover
Rowan University
Sydney Observatory

University of Alabama
University of Calgary
University of Maryland Baltimore County
University of Michigan
University of Montreal
University of Utah
University of Western Australia
University of Wyoming
University of Victoria
US Air Force Academy
Westmont College
Valdosta State University
Virginia Military Institute
Williams College


Ms. Allyson Bieryla
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Harvard University

..."Our Harvard Observing Project has benefitted tremendously from the 16" Harvard Clay telescope with the new DFM TCSGalil™ upgrade we received early last year," said Ms. Allyson Bieryla.
..."The undergraduate students now have enhanced opportunities to interact with graduate students in the observing/teaching experience," she said.
...This observing project has been a very positive growth influence within the Astrophysics Department and is a direct result of the ease of use and quality research available from the DFM telescope and TCSGalil™ upgrade.



Dr. Devin Della-Rose
Space Physics and Atmospheric Research Center (SPARC)
US Air Force Academy

..."Research is a unique part of the Academy undergraduate educational experience and their thoughts, their efforts, and their dedication is what will make the program succeed or fail," said Dr. Devin Della-Rose.
..."Our core area of expertise is in the use of small aperture optical telescopes for satellite characterization using techniques adapted from the astronomical community," he said.
...The recent dome control update for the 16" Ritchey-Chrétien satellite tracking telescope has already proven beneficial in the research at the Center for Space Situational Awareness Research at USAFA.



Ms. Toner Stephenson,
Head of House Museums
Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences,
Mr. Andrew Jacob, Curator,
Sydney Observatory

..."DFM was chosen over many telescope manufacturers to produce our telescope especially for the unique design of their revolutionary ARE-125™ instrumentation," said Andrew Jacob, observatory curator.
..."The ARE-125™ enables a person in a wheelchair to use the telescope by moving the eyepiece to the viewer," he explained.
..."Our new DFM telescope with the ARE-125™ component is a major enhancement of public access to the Sydney Observatory site, and provides a first-class astronomical experience for all," he added.
..."We are very pleased!"



Dr. Roger Schultz,
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Liberty University

..."Our new DFM 24" astronomical telescope will be the largest in the region," said Dr. Roger Schultz.
..."As Liberty University students and professors alike resound, our commitment to a Christian world view and love of astronomy can now be viewed through the lens of Scripture," he added.
..."Our new telescope is a wonderful instrument promoting the learning opportunities in astronomy available at Liberty!" Dr. Schultz said.



Mr. Horace A. Dale III, F.R.A.S.,
Emory Observatory Director
Physics Machine Shop Director
Emory University Physics Department

..."Few pieces of modern scientific equipment have the majesty of a DFM 24" astronomical telescope. The gleaming white, yellow and black Cassegrain telescope housed in our new observatory is no exception," said Mr. Horace A. Dale III.
..."It is the centerpiece of the Emory Physics Department's new astronomy program and one of the major attractions on campus," he added.
..."The updated TCSGalil™ provides ease of use in a comfortable, spacious control room," Dale said.



Dr. Fred Ringwald
Professor of Physics
California State University, Fresno
Sierra Remote Observatories

..."Our 16" telescope is located at Shaver Lake, a dark site in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is remotely controlled from the Fresno State campus about 50 miles away," said Dr. Ringwald.
..."It is well instrumented, with a wide variety of cameras, equipment and unprecedented broad band fiber optic internet for extremely fast access and downloads supporting multiple ongoing science programs," he added.
..."We have generated multiple publications and acquired a handsome gallery of images propelling our program to a high state of accreditation," Ringwald said. "We're very pleased, indeed, with our DFM telescope!"



Dr. Michael Sommermann
Professor of Physics
Westmont College
Carroll Observatory

..."This new DFM 24" telescope will be a magnet for astronomy enthusiasts around Santa Barbara and the South Coast (of California)," said Dr. Michael Sommermann.
..."It will be the focal point for astronomical research, photometry of variable stars, minor planet observations as well as an observing site for the Santa Barbara Astronomical Unit," he added.
..."DFM Engineering has provided us with excellent quality instrumentation that will transform our fine Physics Department into a complete physics and astronomy program," he said.



Damon Burke
Observatory Engineer
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
COAS Building Observatory

..."Our new 1-m telescope has positioned ERAU as a pioneering institution for the study of international space-related endeavors," said Damon Burke.
..."It attracts faculty and students who share a passion for astronomy, astrophysics and space physics. These degree programs are now available as a direct result of the DFM 1-m telescope," he said.
..."We are extremely pleased with the quality of instrumentation and expertise provided by the DFM Engineering team," he added.



Professor Tim de Zeeuw
Director General, European Southern Observatory
University of Western Australia
Gingin Observatory

..."Our 'Zadko' 1m telescope with the recent upgrade of the observatory building for rapid response imaging of astronomical transients has proven to be very exciting." said Professor de Zeeuw.
..."It is the featured telescope used in many extraordinary international astronomy research projects," he said.
..."The quality of DFM instrumentation and high resolution optics is second to none!" he added.



Dr. Phillip R. Goode
Distinguished Professor, Physics
Director, CSTR & BBSO
Big Bear Solar Observatory

..."Our 1.6m solar telescope has provided nearly a decade of ground breaking, quality research opportunities" said Dr. Goode.
..."It features an unobstructed aperture and a critical temperature controlled environment custom designed by DFM Engineering which allows for tremendous research capabilities," Dr. Goode said.
..."We are extremely pleased with this quality instrument, the high resolution optics, the engineering designs implemented for temperature control and the professional team at DFM Engineering," he added.



Dr. Pati Ashok
1.3m Steering Committee Chair
India Institute of Astrophysics
Vainu Bappu Observatory

..."We are very pleased with the 1.3m F/8 Double Horseshoe DFM telescope at IIA!" said Dr. Ashok.
..."It is a significant addition to the Institute, " he added.
..."The innovative design and impeccable quality instrumentation enhances the IIA reputation as a world leader in scientific research. It provides our students with an excellent research environment and unprecedented opportunities," Dr. Ashok said.



Dr. David Baker
Professor of Physics; Physics Dept. Chair
Austin College
Physics/Academic/IDEA Center

..."Austin College is a premier learning institution providing transformative learning experiences for the intellectually curious," said Dr. Baker
..."Our new 24" DFM telescope encourages an adventurous and challenging learning atmosphere, " he said.
..."This quality instrumentation provides our students with excellent resources to flourish in their environment ," Dr. Baker said.
..."We are very pleased to have this DFM telescope in our IDEA Center!" he added.



Mr. Andrew Vache
Staff Astronomer and Lab Specialist
University of Maryland Baltimore County
Joint Center for Astrophysics

..."Our DFM 0.8M Telescope has provided UMBC students and faculty with many years of quality viewing," said Andrew Vache.
..."Recently, DFM assisted with the incorporation of new system components, writing site-specific ASCOM drivers to facilitate robotic observation, and providing full support in the debugging process, " he said.
..."The DFM team also trained us in proper telescope maintenance and mirror cleaning techniques," Mr. Vache said.
..."The expert technical assistance and professionalism from the DFM staff has been a significant factor in our successful facility," he added.
..."These benefits extend to UMBC students, faculty and throughout our community!"



Dr. Daniel Batcheldor
Assistant Professor, Observatory Director
Florida Institute of Technology
F.W. Olin Physical Sciences Center

..."Our new DFM 32" telescope recently dedicated and named after our donors, Jim and Sara Ortega, allows us to collect nearly twice the amount of light as we had originally planned. This generous donation made possible the largest research telescope in Florida to be located here at FIT!" Dr. Batcheldor says.
..."It now serves as the primary training and research instrument for astronomy faculty and students!"
..."The crowning architectural feature of the F.W. Olin Physical Sciences Center at Florida Tech is the powerful Ortega 32" telescope made by DFM Engineering!"



Dr. Stephen Tufte
Assistant Professor of Physics
Lewis & Clark College
Olin Center for Physics and Chemistry

..."Our new DFM 16' telescope will dramatically enhance our students' possibilities for getting directly involved in exploring astronomy," says Dr. Tufte.
..."Getting a glimpse at the wonders of the universe through the telescope can be breathtaking. We get a lot of wows," Dr. Tufte says.
...Dr. Tufte agrees with Dr. Snodgrass, professor of physics, when he says, "The DFM telescope will transform our astronomy program!"
..."Students learn that real science isn't found in textbooks but in hands-on work, and those enrolled in our Deep Space Astronomy and Advanced Physics Lab will incorporate this telescope into their work.
..."The powerful instrument makes entirely new research projects possible!"



Dr. William "Bill" Keel
Department of Physics & Astronomy
University of Alabama
Gallalee Hall

..."We are pleased with the addition of the new DFM 16" telescope," said Dr. Keel. It was a significant addition to the observatory atop Gallalee Hall.
..."The control room, beneath the observatory dome is set up for data taking with the CCD, webcam, video from the guide scope, and remote pointing and focus of the telescope in all modes."
A series of sky viewing events are regularly hosted by the University of Alabama's Physics and Astronomy Department. They attract incoming students and encourage enthusiastic interest in the College of Arts & Sciences.
..."The University of Alabama, a student-centered research university, is experiencing significant growth in both enrollment and academic quality. "



Dr. Douglas Forbes
Professor, Department of Physics
Memorial University - Grenfell
Grenfell Campus Observatory

..."While the telescope's primary role will be as a teaching instrument for Grenfell's astronomy students, both public outreach and scientific research will have major roles, as well."
..."DFM Engineering lived up to it's world-wide reputation for excellence."
..."The telescope delivery, installation, testing and training was efficient and professional. The DFM personnel did not leave until everything was working perfectly and we were comfortable using the telescope!"
..."The 24" research grade telescope quality and the level of customer service was impressive!"



Dr. Caroline E. Odden
Physics Instructor, Observatory Supervisor
Phillips Andover Academy
Gelb Observatory

..."Gelb's roof-level dome rotates 360 degrees and is outfitted with a DFM 16" Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector telescope. Computer control of both the dome and telescope allows remote astronomical viewing and data analysis."
..."High resolution digital images captured by the telescope are used regularly in classroom and research work by both students and faculty."
..."I enjoy introducing physics to Andover"s bright, motivated students. Our new DFM telescope and instrumentation enhances research conducted in the Gelb Science Center!"
..."We are very pleased with our DFM telescope!"



Dr. Eddie Guerra
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Rowan University
Edelman Planetarium

..."The project activity here at Rowan's Physics Department is the tip of the iceberg!"
..."Our DFM 16" research grade telescope on the facility's rooftop feeds live celestial images to our Science Hall's centerpiece planetarium."
..."Rowan's faculty and students spend the summer - as well as the academic year - conducting research that trains students in scientific methods rivaling research that we see at any other institution!"
..."Research internships are done on the students' home turf with the DFM 16" telescope."
..."This is a great advantage Rowan now provides to faculty and students as well as encouraging community activity!"



Dr. Russell Robb
University of Victoria
Bob Wright Centre

..."My experience with DFM Engineering has been a positive one in every way possible."
..."Our new DFM telescope boasts a 0.8m mirror (making it Canada's fifth largest overall) and is housed in a 6.25m observatory dome capable of hosting 20 students at a time."
..."It will be used for teaching undergraduate students and for research, specifically to look for asteroids passing close to Earth and for planets crossing in front of stars."
..." I recommend DFM Engineering wholeheartedly to anyone considering the purchase of a research quality astronomical telescope."



Dr. Mike Joner
Brigham Young University
West Mountain Observatory

..."The very first night we got good images!"
..."The size of the new DFM telescope is perfect for viewing relatively bright objects... and the precise astronomical measurements achieved with it are vital for improving standardization."
..."The students are addressing questions at the heart of astronomy, such as, What is the size and age of the universe?"
..."By making precise measurements with the new DFM telescope, students are helping to solve these questions while doing useful work that few student astronomers ever have the opportunity to do."
..."Performance-wise, there’s no comparison!"



Dr. Dave Toot
Alfred University
Stull Observatory

..."Alfred University's CCT-16 telescope was manufactured and installed by DFM Engineering."
..."It is a ’turn key' computer controlled professional telescope with well proven software including remote observing capabilities."
..."DFM was chosen because we had experience with their research grade telescopes and wanted a first class system."
..." The quality product and professionalism of the DFM team made for a seamless installation and successful addition to the Stull Observatory."
..." We highly recommend them!"



Mr. David DeVorkin, Senior Curator
Division of Space History
Public Observatory

Mr. David DeVorkin, Senior Curator for the Division of Space History, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, describes a recent observing session with visitors to the museum's public observatory:
..."Even with the heat these days the crowds continue -- July 3 and 4 we served about 1000 visitors in 8 hours."
..."When we observe planets like Venus and Mercury during the day, we use the DFM Articulated Relay Eyepiece™ - it is a wonder!"
..."We've stopped observing the Sun with the 16" telescope though -- too much magnification. The sky issues just do not allow for it. We observe the sun with an attached Lunt H-alpha telescope and the 4" finder fitted with a projection device called a 'Sun Gun'."
..."If we get better seeing in the fall, we'll go back to the 16" telescope, observe the total Sun with the 'Sun Gun' and details (if they ever come back) with the DFM Articulated Relay Eyepiece™ (ARE-125™)."
..."Visitors really seem to like to view the Sun in different ways to gain better comprehension of what they are seeing."



Mr. Dave Weinrich, Planetarium Coordinator
Minnesota State University - Moorhead
Paul P. Feder Observatory

..."Our 16" cassegrain reflecting telescope is used for public programs, undergraduate college instruction and research."
..."Ian Huss from DFM Engineering recently performed routine maintenance on the telescope (cleaned the mirrors and tuned up the mount)."
..."We are very pleased with the expert service and craftsmanship provided by the DFM team and a special thanks to Ian Huss for a job well done!"



Associate Professor Paolo Gondolo
University of Utah
High Altitude Southern Utah Observatory

..."Our new DFM 32" (0.8m), robotic research class telescope now provides support for further observations and data obtained from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III."
..."Many thanks and congratulations to DFM and your expert crew for delivering this quality instrument."
..."This telescope is to be the seed for the Southern Utah site to become an international facility of observations. Job Well Done!"



Professor David Falk
LA Valley College
LAVC Planetarium

..."The 16 inch Celestron telescope and control system retrofitted by DFM Engineering has profoundly enhanced the students' learning experience."
..."We are very pleased with DFM's expertise and professional consultation and installation. We can proudly accommodate the Americans with Disabilities Act with DFM's ARE-125™."
..."A magnificent, DFM retrofitted, 16 inch Celestron telescope resides on the roof of the planetarium building, so at the culmination of a student's light-speed voyage through the digitally rendered cosmos, they can walk upstairs for some bon-a-fide 'eye to glass' stellar experiences."



Dr. Robert Lamontagne
University of Montreal
Mt. Megantic Observatory

..."I want to let you know how much we are pleased with the results of DFM's fine work. Right from the start, every aspect of the retrofit was handled smoothly and professionally."
..."The net result of this upgrade is a 10-15% gain in efficiency of the telescope observing time. It’s like getting an extra 15 clear nights every year - time enough to complete one or two more scientific projects. That's a real bonus!"
..." From the astronomers, the students, the night assistants, and myself, congratulations for a job well done! It has been a pleasure doing business with you (and we hope to do some more in the future)."



Mr. Stephan E. Martin
Williams College
Hopkins Observatory

..."We're very happy with our DFM 24" telescope here at Williams College."
..."Our DFM Engineering telescope has functioned beautifully at Williams since its installation in 1991, with pointing and tracking precision rivaling or surpassing any other telescope of its size today."
..."It has truly been a joy to observe with, and we are very satisfied."



Dr. Alan Hildebrand
University of Calgary
Rothney Astrophysical Observatory

..."Our Baker-Nunn telescope upgrade was performed by DFM Engineering of Longmont, Colorado. We are very happy with our telescope control system upgrade as it augments the Patrol Camera project. The camera, with its custom optical tube assembly, is used to survey selected regions of the sky to discover asteroids, comets, and variable stars for further study, and required explicit considerations."
..."Special thanks to Mark Kelley and Dr. Frank Melsheimer of DFM for helping us to achieve our goals. Their professional expertise was immeasurable."
..."We are very pleased."


photo courtesy: Michael Mazur, University of Calgary


Dr. Alan Uomoto
Johns Hopkins University
Center for Astrophysical Sciences

..."The 20" DFM telescope you moved from Johns Hopkins University to Apache Point Observatory in Sunspot, NM, is performing very well for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey."
..."The telescope is operated from our on-site control room using your DFM external computer control feature to point and focus. The observing computer automatically selects the program and calibration fields and the system runs "hands-off" during the night."
..."Many thanks and congratulations to you and your expert crew for delivering this quality instrument for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey."



Raymond T. Martin
University of Wyoming
Red Buttes Observatory

..."Our 60cm DFM Cassegrain has been in nearly continuous operation at our Red Buttes Observatory since 1995 as a tool for Graduate and Undergraduate research. In that time literally hundreds of students have been introduced to professional astronomy with this instrument. The simplicity of operation, accuracy, dependability and quality of the engineering have provided a near perfect platform for astronomical research allowing the students to concentrate on their actual projects rather than spending their time fighting with the telescope."
..."Although quite a few manufacturers advertise their professional quality and performance too many are just upgraded amateur instruments and are simply not designed or engineered to do professional level research."
..."Customer service at DFM is second to none."
..."A little more expensive than their nearest competitor, certainly but you get what you pay for in quality, reliability, customer service and the comfort in knowing that they will still be around for years to come."
..."Thanks DFM."



Steve Ratcliffe
Middlebury College
Bicentennial Hall

..."Bicentennial Hall is considered to be one of the most technologically advanced buildings of its type in New England, and we are very proud to utilize a specialized scientific instrument such as a DFM Engineering 24" computer controlled research telescope."
...Our DFM system also offers Azimuth dome control, the remote controlled version of the imaging guide acquire module with motorized off-axis guiding, the DFM remote monitor and keyboard in the dome, and a GPS receiver for setting TCS time."
..."The week of expert installation by the DFM team proved to be very successful."
..."We are extremely pleased with our new DFM Engineering telescope and instrumentation."



Ron Dantowitz
Dexter School
Clay Center

..."We required a professional research tool with a low operating budget and minimal maintenance requirements. We also needed a system that was user-friendly, yet capable of completely robotic remote operation."
..."In addition to manufacturing our telescope and mount, DFM was also instrumental in the planning of our overall facility."
..."The DFM staff are experts in complete observatory design, and their assistance was invaluable."
..."As far as cost is concerned, it is true that there are less expensive telescopes. Yet, after months of 'comparison shopping', the combination of DFM's proven performance, product reliability, overall quality and comprehensive engineering services made the decision to purchase a DFM telescope an easy one."
..."I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone planning an observatory seriously consider including DFM"s expertise and products in their facility."



Dr. Ray DuVarney
Emory University
Mathematics and Science Center

..."Located within the silver dome atop the Mathematics and Science Center, the gleaming DFM Cassegrain telescope is the centerpiece of the physics department's new astronomy program."
..."This majestic piece of modern scientific equipment is one of the major attractions on our campus."
..."We are delighted to utilize this fine instrument and be associated with the expert staff of DFM Engineering."
..." The quality craftsmanship and professional service is unsurpassed!."
..." We recommend them highly!."



Dr. Dan Caton
Appalachian State University
Rankin Science Observatory

..."We have been a very satisfied customer of DFM's for at least 20 years. We originally purchased control hardware for two older telescopes. Since then, DFM provided TCS and a control system for another telescope. Thereafter, in 1995, we purchased from DFM a 32" telescope and, in August 2002, a 16" telescope complete with a filter wheel and slide mirror."
..." The quality of their software and hardware is great and the telescopes work well."
..."What we like best is DFM goes beyond their warranty period to help their customers. We can call at any time to receive help."
..."We believe we have an interactive relationship with both parties benefiting and I regularly advocate DFM telescopes."
..."Our Dean has a saying: You will never be disappointed when you invest in quality. We believe in this so strongly that I am currently writing another proposal to fund an additional DFM telescope."
..."Their craftsmanship and professional services are unsurpassed! We recommend them highly!"



Mr. Chris Andersen
College of Southern Idaho
Herrett Center for Arts and Science

..."My experience with DFM Engineering has been a positive one in every way possible. From well before the time the telescope was delivered,"
..." When we told them about our unique requirements for an extremely handicapped-friendly telescope, they eagerly accepted the challenge and delivered the first-of-its-kind ARE-125™ optical relay to provide us with world-class handicap access."
..." Their advice and guidance in the construction of the telescope pier and observatory paid off with a superbly stable, vibration-free image and a thermal environment which, on the second night of operations, exceeded the best seeing achieved at our site during the previous seven years." (first light image M-27)
..." During the telescope installation, I found the DFM staff to be professional, personable, and genuinely dedicated to delivering an opto-mechanical package of superb quality. It was very clear that they take pride in their product, and intend to stand behind it for years to come. "
..." I recommend DFM Engineering wholeheartedly to anyone considering the purchase of a high-quality astronomical telescope."



Dr. Ken Rumstay
Valdosta State University
Department of Astronomy and Physics

..."The telescope operates wonderfully and is a joy to use!"
..."Our students have really been impressed by it, as have our administrators."



Dr. Robert Boyle
Dickinson College
Department of Physics and Astronomy

..."The 24 inch telescope manufactured and installed by DFM Engineering has been a great addition to our scientific program."
..."It features the GAM (Guide Acquire Module) and Filter Wheel with the most recent upgrade to DFM's state-of-the-art TCS-Sky."
..."It has exceeded our goals and expectations."
..."More students are interested in the sciences and enrollment in our physics and astronomy classes has increased."



Dr. Michael Castelaz, Director
Astronomical Studies and Education
Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute

..."The telescope is excellent.!"
... PARI s West Optical Observatory goes online with a new 16" optical DFM telescope.
...PARI and University of North Carolina, Asheville partner in exposing students of all levels to both the development and use of highly technical instrumentation.
...Such experience is very unusual even for graduate students. For undergrads to participate at this level is certainly unique.



Dr. Patrick Seitzer
University of Michigan
Department of Physics and Astronomy

..."The University of Michigan's Curtis-Schmidt telescope at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory is dedicated to an optical survey for space debris at geosynchronous earth orbit (GEO) for NASA's Orbital Debris Program Office in Houston."
..."DFM Engineering installed new drives on this telescope in March 2005, bringing the telescope and dome under complete computer control."
..."This very successful rebuild was accomplished extremely quickly - from the start of removal of old drives to first pointing tests with all new drives and computer TCS took less than 5 days!"
..."The system is extremely reliable. Customer service and software support has been uniformly excellent!"



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