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Custom Lidar Scanners

DFM Engineering has provided many Electro-Optical-Mechanical (EMOS™) scanner systems used for Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR) remote sensing applications.

Typically these scanners are an Alt-Az Coude' form of a beam director using two flat mirrors. The major difference between a LIDAR scanner and a beam director is the scanner has a lower angular resolution and a higher speed.

The optics may be of lower optical figure because of the longer wavelengths often used.

The scanners may also incorporate additional electro-optical-mechanical components such as collimating optics, zoom lenses, focus motion, fiber feed, etc.

DFM Engineering has designed and manufactured over 30 systems incorporating these features that were used to measure the atmospheric turbulence. Three were near a helicopter landing ship where stabilization of the scanner to correct for a ship's roll, pith, and yaw has also been provided.



Lidar Scanner Specifications

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Lidar Optical Tube Assembly

Electro-Optical-Mechanical Systems™ (EMOS™)


custom lidar scanner


custom lidar scanner


custom lidar scanner EMOS™