CCT-16 Classical Cassegrain 16 in. Telescope

• Our typical 0.4M Classical Cassegrain has an F/3 primary mirror with an effective focal ratio between F/8 or F/12. The 76mm field is fully shielded and unvignetted.
• Focal plane position is between 0 to 20cm from instrument mounting surface
• Finderscope: 9x60 with illuminated reticle
• Invar spacers available to compensate for temperature and maintain focus
• Commercially available optical tube assemblies can also be mounted

TELESCOPE MOUNT:• 15 in. diameter friction drives in RA and DEC
• Aluminum mirror cell with four, 12-bolt patterns
• Tracking accuracy: +/- 2.0 arc seconds in 2 minutes, +/- 20.0 arc seconds in 1 hour
• Pointing accuracy (with refraction and alignment correction) better than 30 arc seconds RMS
• Optical incremental position encoder drives are independent of the motor drives to provide excellent pointing
• Supports 20 kg instrument load with CG 18cm behind mounting surface
• Standard Classical Cassegrain
• Custom Telescopes
• Telescope Control Systems (TCSGalil™)
• Telescope Optics
• Equatorial Fork Mount
• Observatory Dome and Pier

Photo courtesy: University of Colorado - Boulder