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Articulated Relay Eyepiece™


The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requires access to public facilities for the handicapped. Up to now, getting a wheelchair bound person to the eyepiece of a telescope was very difficult and expensive.

DFM Engineering, Inc. announces the availability of an Articulated Relay Eyepiece™ (ARE-125™) that allows handicapped access to the eyepiece for most telescopes.

The Articulated Relay Eyepiece™ uses a series of relay lenses and folding mirrors to reposition the telescope focal plane a considerable distance from the tail piece of the telescope. Mechanical and optical swivel joints allow the ARE-125™ to pivot freely in 3 axes.

A person seated in a wheel chair may simply pick up the eyepiece and bring it to their eye for convenient viewing regardless of telescope position.

The ARE-125™ attaches to the telescope using a standard 2-inch eyepiece adapter. A standard 1.25-inch eyepiece may be inserted into the eyepiece assembly.

The light loss is minimized by using high reflectance coatings on the folding mirrors and broad band anti-reflection coatings on the relay lenses. The telescope resolution suffers only minimal degradation.

The ARE-125™ accepts an F/8 or slower beam from the telescope. For more information about the ARE-125™ contact our staff at DFM Engineering, Inc.


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