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Ian Huss celebrates 20 Years with DFM Engineering


On March 16, 2001, Mr. Ian Huss, Production Manager, celebrated his 20th anniversary with DFM Engineering. The staff at DFM presented Mr. Huss with an engraved plaque in appreciation of his many years of dedicated service.

Guests enjoyed the friendship and festivities during a lunch of delicious seafood cuisine, a custom personalized cake and sparkling cider, as they shared many fond memories of their DFM Engineering installations and experiences together.

Mr. Ian Huss, with 20 years of photonics experience at DFM is instrumental in the success of the company and very much appreciated.

Mr. Huss' main responsibilities include: setting production schedules and goals; supervising manufacturing personnel; performing machinist and factory assembly duties; and is personally instrumental in the successful installation of the many DFM computer controlled telescopes and instruments throughout the world.

Prior to joining DFM Engineering, Mr. Huss successfully owned and operated his private machining business for two years.