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DIMM (Differential Image Motion Monitor)

• Measures seeing parameters using Differential Image Motion technique

• Operates with the images in focus on the detector

• Images separated with optical wedge

• Reimaging optical system places filters and aperture stops in parallel light

• Filter wheel allows measurements in multiple pass bands

• Up to 6 filters may be used

• Up to 6 aperture/wedge configurations may be used

• Convenient focal plane position with independent focus adjustment

• Invar spaced optical elements to minimize focus shift with temperature

• Remote control of filter wheel and aperture wheel by system controller

• Full control of the CCD camera including subaperture downloading, integration time, and binning

• Performs autoguiding and star centering functions


• Robotic operation including star selection, control of the telescope, and control of the shelter

• Flexible system due to the general purpose filter and aperture wheels

• Performs sky brightness, atmospheric transmission, and extinction coefficients measurements


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